Tewari Group

A pioneer in the sectors of Health, Technology, Development, Defence, Media and Sports - with a collective experience of over 50+ years in various fields. We have been extremely successful in implementing social business models with a diverse group of stakeholders across various markets

Our Vision

Our vision is to realize the potential of India as a premier superpower by building and sustaining business models with local ownerships and scale the impact radius of these businesses. An integral part of the group is its orientation towards social responsibility and upliftment of the underprivileged section of the society through various interventions.
With 50+
major clients across
the country and abroad, we have
been able to
provide a bundled
experience with
our products and services through
tailor made and/or turnkey strategies
rather than keeping
our focus on a
single point
Bulletproofing Solutions
Geo Mapping
Printing Solutions
Digital Media Marketing
Real Estate
Manpower Resource Management